Yo! My name is Abe Viljoen, I am a 36 year old artist, designer and imagineer living in Cape Town South Africa.

My Experience spans almost 20 years with the last 8 years spent as a dedicated Creative Director where I continue to ply my trade.
I am extremely passionate about art and design and continue to run my own independent business as well as 

a mentorship program for aspiring 3D artists and countless personal projects.

I have a keen sense of attention to detail and put to bed the myth of the jack of all trades master of none,

as I have made a career of being a multi-disciplined master of many. 

Whether raster, vector or 3D I have the skills to impress.

Career highlights:

I consider myself blessed to have had a number of amazing career highlights.
I have been published in several magazines over the years, most notably in the South African Design Indaba Magazine;

where I was named as one of the top three up and coming illustrators to watch in the country.
Another notable example was an amazing double page spread in Onesmallseed, as one of their "selected creatives".

I have also had the honour of showing my work in galleries' and exhibitions the world over.